Lori Yi Long, MA, LCSW

Lori Yi Long, M.A., LCSW


As a first-generation Asian immigrant herself, Lori dedicates her practice to Asian and bi/multicultural individuals, immigrants, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized communities. She is passionate about working with people from different cultural backgrounds, exploring how complex identities and unique personal experiences have shaped us. She has extensive experience of working with individuals from bi/multi racial/ethnical backgrounds, various sexual orientations, immigration statuses, gender presentations, and socio-economic statuses.

A special area of expertise of hers is working with individuals to discover inner strength, create healthy relationships and reconcile cultural/inter-generational conflicts. Lori understands how challenging it can be to articulate and reconcile multiple cultural identities. She takes cultural systems and unique personal experiences into consideration while focusing on personal growth. Lori was born in Wuhan, raised in Guangzhou, and moved to Chicago to pursue her Master’s degree in Social Work at University of Chicago. Lori also has lived and studied in the Philippines and India.

Lori loves using a casual and relational approach to help people process their experiences and rediscover their self-confidence and self-compassion. Being a mother herself, Lori strives to support parents through their pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum journey. If you’re looking for an open and authentic therapist who sees and understands your unique strengths, needs, and values, Lori would love to work with you.